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Our Company

We're a group of innovators helping the hospitality industry become more accessible.

Highly motivated team.

Collaborative & inclusive culture.

We make it easy for restaurants to provide inclusive and enjoyable dining experiences for all guests across the wide spectrum of diverse dietary needs.

Core Values

These are the codes and principles we promise to live by through the actions we take as part of Nomi.


We must optimize for the customers we serve, not the products build.


We must treat others with respect, honor commitments, and be transparent.


We must take good-faith feedback to heart, and seize any opportunity to improve.


The work we do should always be informed and validated by the communities we serve.


We must resist over-thinking wherever possible — keep it simple, stupid!


We must be ready to adapt based on new information. There are no sunk costs.

Join the Team

Are you excited to help make the restaurant industry a more accessible experience for everyone? Send us an email!

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